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Meet our Staff

Here is some inside information about our special coaches. Although many of our staff members are former -- or sometimes even current! -- students, before becoming an Encore instructor, our staff goes through hours of training. It begins with our teachers in training program which has been developed and updated since 1990 and covers all aspects of teaching gymnastics to children. During their training program they are getting hands-on experience, first with each other, then when they are ready, our new teachers “shadow” our master instructors. Our entire staff is involved in our ongoing education program with monthly all-staff workshops, monthly focus workshops (based on specific skills or teaching techniques). Many of our staff attend periodic National, Regional, and local educational conferences.

We are safety certified by USA Gymnastics and CPR/First Aid certified by the Red Cross.

Interested in joining the EncoreGym staff family?  Click here for more information on Employment Opportunities .


 Voted Best Gymnastics Classes in Diablo Magazine '04,'05,'06,'07,'09,'10,'11,'13, 17


Voted Best Gymnastics Classes Bay Area Parent Magazine  '02,'03,'04,'05,'06,'07,'08,'09,'10,'11,'17




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