Boys Gymnastics

Ages 6-12yrs

Class Descriptions 

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Boys Red

Age 6-10 years


50-minute classes


In this level, boys learn ALL the basics in gymnastics. They begin to develop the strength to hold body positions on the apparatus and to learn correct falling techniques.



Skills you might see:

Forward/backward rolls, hangs on the rings, beginning to travel on the parallel bars.

Boys White

Age 6-10 years


50-minute classes​

In this level, boys learn to begin varying their basics and developing on their mastered body positions. They begin developing the flexibility that male gymnasts need to train more advanced-level skills.

Skills you might see:

One-handed cartwheel, handstand on the vault, flipping on trampolines.

Boys Blue

Age 6-10 years


80-minute classes

In this level our boys really begin to show their talents. This is a disciplined level where they develop their advanced basics. They work on their strength and flexibility together.



Skills you might see:

Round-off back handspring, high swings on rings, kip on high bar.

Boys Silver/Gold

Age 6-17 years


110-minute classes

This our most advanced-level boys class. The boys are beginning to choose their own skills to master as well as developing routines with high difficulty.​

Boys Bronze

Age 6-17 years


110-minute classes


In this level the boys have mastered their advanced basics and are beginning to connect difficult skills on all apparatus.





Skills you might see:

Swing to handstand on parallel bars, back tucks on floor, Tsuk timers.

School-Age Gymnastics

Age 5-17 years



50-minute classes


These classes are designed for our gymnasts that are home-schooled, but open to all. An earlier time allows for more space in the gym and less distraction- also a great break from studying.

Visions vouchers accepted. Please ask for more details before registering.

Tel. 925-932-1033 I  Fax: 925-932-0610  I

NEW gym opened May 28, 2019!

2636 Shadelands Drive, Walnut Creek CA 94598

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