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Adaptive Gymnastics

Ages 3-12 years

Class Descriptions 

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Adaptive Gymnastics

Age 3-12 years



Parent/Aide/Caregiver participation is required

This program has been designed to help children with alternative needs develop gross motor skills, strength, balance, falling safely, jumping, and landing using basic gymnastics skills and equipment.  The class curriculum is enhanced by the use of visual aids (PECS) and is designed to stimulate both cognitive and motor development.

In order to provide appropriate accommodations, and to promote a safe, successful experience for our Adaptive students, all Adaptive Gymnastics classes are scheduled exclusively at those times when the gym is quieter, when there are a minimum of other concurrent programs to distract our Adaptive students.


Due to the high level of activity and stimulus outside of these special program hours, and in the interest of safety, our other programs are not designed to be suitable for students with sensory input sensitivities, nor those who have needs that require the assistance of an aide. 


This program requires active parent, caregiver, or aide participation to assist the coach in teaching your child how to follow a class format.  Our goal is to help children with alternative needs learn how to work in and with a group using a gymnastics class as a medium.

The Details

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Adaptive classes will take a summer hiatus after 6/30/2024 and will resume the week of 8/19/2024.


Waitlist registration is now open on a continuous basis.

Refer to the schedule below for current tuition rates for each class and to register.

Each weekly class session is four weeks, with one class meeting per week.

Weekly classes meet year-round.

Once you have registered, enrollment continues into each successive session

on an automatic, recurring subscription basis,

until such a time as you provide advance written notice of withdrawal.   

Each class enrollment requires separate registration and tuition.

Current annual registration (membership) is required of all students.

Registration and initial tuition payments are due in full at time of enrollment.

All enrollments are final. No refunds, cancellations, transfers, trial visits, or discounts.

No enrollment change requests can be accepted once the session begins.

No credits or make-up visits are offered or accepted for missed weekly classes.

Gymnastics Attire:  For most gymnastics students, comfortable athletic attire is fine.  Hair must be up, and feet bare for class.  For safety reasons: no skirts, no jeans, nothing with snaps, zippers, or other hardware, and midriffs must remain covered, please.

For more advanced girls (Blue/Intermediate Tumbling and above), a gymnastics leotard is required for safety.

Have any other questions? Visit our FAQ, or email us at

Online registration, enrollment, and waitlists are restricted to Itty Bitty Bouncers, Toddler Tumblers, Tiny Tumblers, Fantastic Fives, Beginning Tumbling, Beginning Teen, Adult, and Red-level classes only.
*Please phone or email our office for enrollment in Turbo Tumblers, Intermediate/Advanced Tumbling, Intermediate/Advanced Teen, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue/Purple, and Bronze/Silver/Gold classes and be sure to indicate your choice of day(s) and time(s) in your request.  Instructor approval is required for admission to these levels.

Please note: you will NOT be charged if only joining the waitlist.

To remove a waitlist no longer wanted, please contact us directly by phone or email.

Please be sure to opt-in to text messages from EncoreGym. We will alert you to waitlist openings for your child through text.

Each student may join the waitlist for a maximum of three different class day/times.

Any waitlists entered after the maximum per child will be removed automatically.

If you need to change your waitlists please contact the front desk.

Already have an Encore account? You can waitlist for classes, sign up for events,  view your enrollments, and more through the Parent Portal!

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