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Holiday Camp

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The Details

  • Holiday Camp cancellation policy: Cancellation notice must be received a minimum of one hour prior to the start of camp in order to receive a non-refundable tuition credit. No credit will be given for no-shows.
  • Students aged 3 - 5 years old may do AM or PM camp only. There is NO full-day option.
  • All students must be potty trained and able to use our bathroom independently.
  • Half-day campers should bring a snack to camp every day.  Full-day campers will need to bring both a snack and a lunch to camp each day. NO food will be provided. Please be certain to send food items that your child can handle entirely on their own.
  • Please do not provide any foods containing nuts. This is REQUIRED to ensure the safety of all campers. If your child has any allergies that we should be aware of, please be sure to notify us immediately. If your child's allergy could require use of an Epi-Pen, you must provide your own, label it with your child's name, and leave it with our check-in staff.
  • Late pick-ups: a late fee of $20 per child will be due and payable immediately for any late pick-ups, beginning 15 minutes after the published end of camp. An additional $20 per child will be charged for each/any additional 15-minute increments.
  • Although we do our best to honor them, grouping requests are NOT guaranteed.
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