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Special Needs Gymnastics Walnut Creek, CA



Adaptive Gymnastics

Ages 3-12 years


45-minute classes

Parent/Aid participation required


These classes are designed to help children with alternative needs develop gross motor skills, strength, balance, falling safely, jumping, and landing using basic gymnastics skills and equipment.  The class curriculum is enhanced by the use of visual aids (PECS) and is designed to stimulate both cognitive and motor development. Our Adaptive Gymnastics class is scheduled at a time when the gym is calm to help our students with focus and sensory input.


This class requires active parent or caregiver participation which assists the coach in teaching your child how to follow a class format.  Our goal is to help children with alternative needs learn how to work in and with a group using a gymnastics class as a medium.

Online registration, enrollment, and waitlists are restricted to Itty Bitty Bouncers, Toddler Tumblers, Tiny Tumblers, Fantastic Fives, Beginning Tumbling, Beginning Teen, Adult, and Red-level classes only.

Please phone or email our office for enrollment in Turbo Tumblers, Intermediate/Advanced Tumbling, Intermediate/Advanced Teen, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue/Purple, and Bronze/Silver/Gold classes and be sure to indicate your choice of day(s) and time(s) in your request.  Instructor approval is required for admission to these levels.


Please note: you will NOT be charged if only joining the waitlist.

Each student may join the waitlist for a maximum of three different class day/times.

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