Gymnastics Walnut Creek, CA

Encore Gymnasts Light Up the World

Our world needs strong, dedicated, kind leaders who are full of light and know how to have fun…and Encore gymnasts are the sparks that light fires!

In the gym, our athletes learn much more than physical strength and awareness; they are also learning to recognize, nurture, and develop their unique gifts and talents. They become excited about trying new things in a fun, safe environment, even when it’s kinda scary. AND, they generously uplift and support each other with compassion and encouragement.

Our gymnasts share what they learn at Encore with others, helping to make the world a better place. You see the results every day when our staff -- many of whom grew up at Encore -- step onto the floor to mentor a new generation of amazing leaders. By inspiring and leading children to LOVE sports, to LOVE exploring physical awareness, and to expand the limits of their imagination, we help our athletes develop physical and mental skills that will serve them for a lifetime.

So, when you see your athlete bouncing around the house, and you feel like you see their feet more than their face, you can smile knowing that they are cartwheeling themselves into a fulfilling life where they will make many meaningful contributions to the world.