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My car was in the same place where I put it - and, oddly enough, they didn't steal it! Kleshchevka can be reached in less than an hour, the time is convenient

- midday, weekdays.

As I taxied, I glanced up at the porch. Next to the two guards, Sveta stood gloomily there, smoking and looking in the direction of Sovetskaya Street.

- from there the cars of those who come from the center go. I was driving in the opposite direction and did not get a glance.

I found a dacha cooperative in Kleshchevka almost immediately, it was more difficult to find at least someone on the third line. It’s on the weekend that there is someone on every six acres, but now it’s not visible. Having driven back and forth and not noticing anyone, I abandoned the car and went on foot, already thinking about how to get into the apartment if by the evening I did not catch either Uncle Vasya or his tenant.


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