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Our Story

Once upon a time, there was a woman named Gay. 

She had two beautiful daughters, Tamara,

ribbon gymnast.jpg

and Tifany, who both loved the sport of gymnastics.

One day Gay had a vision.

ball gymnast.jpg

She wanted to create a gymnastics school unlike any other she had seen.

It would include gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics and dance classes. The focus would be on ALL students, taught by positive, enthusiastic coaches in a fun and energetic atmosphere.


So, in 1983 Encore was born. We started out in a little building in Walnut Creek on Saranap Road.

After             years Gay's daughter, Tamara, bought the gym.

Tamara had                             plans for the little gym.


She began to add more classes,

and got out into the community, putting Encore into city programs and local schools.


Within three years, Encore grew by

400 percent.jpg


In 1991 Encore moved to our Bancroft location where we were able to meet and teach many more kids.

Since then it has been our goal to look for ways to improve. Over the years, we saw many exciting changes.

1995 Rocktopia was built

1997 Our Bancroft location got a facelift: paint, parking, insulation and a new office

2000 A new levels program was created and birthday parties and events were updated

2003 Encore's Brentwood location opened with the grand opening hosted by Bela Karolyi

2005 Our Dance Studio was built

2016 We rolled out Encore On Tour

2019 We moved to our brand new facility at the Shadelands Sports Mall!

We are so excited to see what the future holds!

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