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Information for Preschools/Daycares:


EncoreGym is thrilled to announce Encore on Tour, our brand-new mobile gym program.  Our specially customized trailer will visit your school to present a 30-minute gymnastics class on-site.  We have outfitted our mobile gym with all the necessary equipment for your students to develop proper

gymnastics technique and motor skills.  We've also included fun apparatus, such as trapeze bar

and zip line that the kids love. Focusing on coordination, balance, and muscle development, your

students will have a one-of-a-kind experience as they begin to learn gymnastics.


Our trained coaches will lead the class to ensure that your students enjoy a safe, fun active

learning environment.  Each class begins with a warm-up and stretches, followed by a circuit

including a variety of different gymnastics skills.  After the circuit, the coaches will choose an

individual skill to focus on for additional practice time.  The mission of Encore on Tour is to

provide each student with a fun and exciting gymnastics class with the convenience of

remaining on your school grounds.


Pricing for 30 minute visit:

Weekly: from $14.50 per child per visit

Drop in: from $16 per child per visit

Talk to us about special pricing for multiple classes on the same visit.

We can accommodate up to 10 children per 30 minute class period.

Encore On Tour

Now offering Birthday


our mobile gym

Ages 2-6


Seedlings Preschool (Lafayette )

Our preschool has absolutely loved having Encore On Tour visit our site! They have come as special guests to our summer camps the past few years , to our annual Wheel Day Event each fall, and this school year they have remained one of our most popular after school enrichment classes! Rochelle & Eric are fantastic gymnastics coaches! They are fun and enthusiastic, they take such great care of each child in their class, showing them safe and fun ways to jump, climb, and tumble, among other important techniques. The kids learn gymnastics while having a blast doing it! Our kids ask everyday “Is it Friday Gymnastics day yet?” And when we pick them up to take them to Encore On Tour, they are SO excited to see Rochelle & Eric! Encore on Tour has been a fantastic addition to our Friday enrichment routines. They offer flexible hours, great pricing, and their customer service is impeccable. We HIGHLY recommend Encore On Tour’s Mobile Gym for any preschool that is looking for a fun, interactive, physical fitness program for young children!

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sneak a peek into encore on Tour!

Information for Birthday Parties:


We have taken the fun, fitness, and energy of Encore and rolled it all together into one awesome 28-    foot mobile gym.  Our custom trailer is equipped with super-cool activities for the kids.  At the party kids will get to swing on bars, rings, and trapeze, balance on the beams, roll down the wedges, and soar down the zip line.  We want to make sure that your child’s birthday is awesome and unforgettable.  Hot day?  That’s okay!  Our mobile gym is equipped with air conditioning as well as heating for cold days.                 We also have the right music in our sound system to get the kids ready to par-tay.


                        Where does Encore on Tour park?

                        We require about 40 feet of space to park our awesome 28-foot trailer. 


                        What if I don’t have that space?

                         We can park within a reasonable distance of your house and walk the kids to the trailer, or                                 you can have your party at a park, or other public space that may be more accessible. (Please                             check with that place to confirm permit requirements.)


                              We have more than 8 kids. Is that a problem?

                               We can accommodate more kids; we would just break them up in to groups and split the                                  time between the groups.


Can I reserve for more than one hour?

Yes.  Each additional hour, or fraction thereof, is $150.


Encore Provides:

· 28-foot custom mobile gym

· 2 enthusiastic instructors

· A commemorative T-shirt for the birthday child


Party Time

Ages 2-6

The party will start off with an energetic warm-up.  This will be followed by two different

circuits (gymnastic obstacle courses).  These will include springboards, beams, bars,

wedges, trapezoids, boxes, rollers and much more.  After the circuits, our coaches will

lead the kids in a fun group game.  The party will finish with the all-time favorite

zip line.



One hour party                                    $250

Each additional hour                          $150

Non-refundable deposit                     $75

Current Encore member discount    $20

8 participants allowed at a time in the trailer.*



Weekdays 10am-noon

Weekends 10am-4pm


*Encore will not be responsible for children outside

of the trailer.


Click here for our Waiver
























Please email Eric at for more information or to schedule a party or school visit. You may also call (925) 932-1033 to inquire.

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