Recreational Competition 2018

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You don't have to be on a team to perform routines and win!

Our recreational competitors earn awards for their scores, without rankings. 

Open to Gymnasts at the BLUE LEVEL and above. See front desk for pricing. Must pre-register.

Click here to register online or download the registration form here and turn in to our front desk.

Rec Comp!

Blue Level Uneven Bar Routine

Blue Level Beam Routine

Blue Level Floor Routine

Bronze Level Beam Routine

1. Straddle on at end of the beam

2. Hands reach behind to hold beam, lean back with knees tucked up. Kick kick

3. Swing through to squat. Extend one leg up to needle. Stand and pose.

4. Passé developé R then L. Step L foot fwd and turn to the side. Slide right foot in w/knee popped. Pose with L arm up and R arm fwd. Step R foot back out and turn back to face fwd.

5. Assemblé to jump of choice.

6. Step fwd to set for turn. ½ turn.

7. 2 back dip walks to arabesque.

8. English handstand

9. Pose. One leg kicks fwd then crosses in front of other leg toe pointed down off edge of beam. Same arm reaches fwd, opposite arm goes up or both arm reach fwd w/palms down, wrists crossed.

10. Step step leap to jump of choice (connected)

(Opt 1: fwd roll)

11. Leg swing turn.

12. Fwd roll straddle through to squat. Knee scale.

13. Pose. Sit on heel of one foot with other leg pointed straight down, arms in opposition or pushed out and back.

(Opt 2: backward roll)

11. Reach down to straddle sit on the beam, backward roll.

12. Pose. Sit on heel of one foot with other leg pointed straight down, arms in opposition or pushed out and back.

13. Knee scale. Swing leg through to stand. Leg swing turn.

14. Dismount

Bronze Level Floor Routine

*Start w/back to audience, hands on hips and left knee popped.

1. Bounce hip twice. Step L foot to side, arms open. Pull R foot in w/knee popped, R arm goes up, L arm goes out, look over left shoulder at audience. Step R foot to side, arms open. Cross L foot over R, spin to face corner as arms curl up. Turn head to face audience, frame chin w/ hands, palms down, elbows out, L knee popped. Rise up on relevé w/ feet together, right arm up left arm out.

2. Dive roll step-out to corner. With L hand on hip push R arm out to follow R leg as it stretches out to point corner. R arm goes up as R foot pull in to both feet in relevé. Hands go to hips as L knee pops and head turns to look at audience. Head turns back to look at opposite corner as L foot goes back to flat.

3. Round off back handspring immediately into 2 jumps of choice. W/hands on hips turn head R then L.

4. Turn to face the audience. Front walkover, finish. Step feet apart, one hand on hip, other hand on forehead shading eyes, chest leaned slightly fwd. On Elephant noise, arch back as arms sweep around.

5. On noise, straight jump to back extension roll step-together back handspring step-out.

6. Handstand fwd roll step-out, chassé cartwheel swing through back walkover. Step to corner.

7. On music change, chaîné turn, chassé, tour jeté, side chassé, step leap, step leap. Step to corner.

8. Front handspring step-out, round off rebound, candlestick.

9. Run dive cartwheel or aerial, finsh. Turn to face audience with feet open, hands on hips. Lean fwd as R arm sweeps across from L to R, R hand returns to hip. Tip head R then L with opposite knee turning out and popping up onto ball of foot. Turn to the right and set for turn, full turn. Step to corner and present.

10. Final tumbling pass

11. Your choice finish (towards middle of floor facing audience) 

Music Option One

Music Option Two

Bronze Level Uneven Bars

(Start under high bar facing the low bar)


Single leg shoot through

(OR Captain hook)

Mill circle (front and/or back)

Pivot to face high bar

Leg cut

Front or back hip circle

Squat on

Jump to high bar

Long hang pullover

Baby giant

Back hip circle underswing