Trial Class
To ensure a good fit, we are happy to offer a trial class to first-time students. Contact our office to arrange your visit.
Here at ENCORE our classes are full of a lot more than cartwheels, forward rolls, and pull-overs. We teach children to be independent and responsible for their accomplishments.

We help them to make changes in their skills based on information given to them by their teacher.

We teach them to believe in themselves, because we believe in them. Our teachers use a progressive method by taking all of the skills and breaking them down into smaller components which can be learned more easily.

Check out our Ribbons page to see how how they work.
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  1x Weekly   2x Weekly   3x Weekly

1h 50m      $125        $200        $262.50
1h 20m      $105 $168        $220.50
50 min$75  $120         $157.50
45 min$70  $112           $147
30 min$49 $78.40

Tuition is per student and is based on a
4 week session.
Tuition Rates